Dialogue in the Dark was brought to India by Mr. SV Krishnan. In 2009 while waiting for a delayed flight in Atlanta USA, Krishnan stumbled upon an exhibit of Dialogue in the Dark and was immensely enthralled by its powerful message to facilitate social inclusion of blind and disabled people on a global basis. This impactful experience inspired Krishnan to the set-up Dialogue in the Dark (DID) in India. In year 2011, the 1st DID was opened in Hyderabad over the next few years DID successfully commissioned 4 more exhibition centres in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Raipur cities.DID was also presented in a touring format across 60 different locations & campuses across India.

About Dialogue in the Dark.

Dialogue in the Dark is one of the world’s most exciting, unique and empathy experiences that puts you through daily life situations like taking a walk in the park, crossing a road, playing cricket, shopping at the supermarket, take a boat ride, usage of computers etc. all in complete darkness. In the absence of light our other 4 senses, that is sense of touch, taste, smell, and sound are heightened and helps one to explore darkness.

Given the challenges of navigating in the dark, visitors are assisted by visually impaired tour guides. This aspect of a visually impaired guide leading sighted visitors in the dark is revealed to the visitor only at the end of the experience when they are led into the light. This role reversal of a visually impaired guiding the sighted brings about a transforming change in the mindset of the visitors thereby leaving the visitors with a view that the disabled need economically empowering opportunities and not sympathy.

Dialogue in the Dark is an unconventional and powerful experience that allows you to step into the shoes of a visually impaired, experience their way of living, understand their challenges and their abilities. Giving us a first-hand experience on how a disabled person can lead an independent life. Post their experience at DID, visitors and corporates are open and keen to hire PwDs and has led to the creation of PwD job pledges in Corporate India.

Dialogue in the Dark Impact:


  • 10 million visitors Sensitised
  • 41 Countries Across the World
  • 10,000 Jobs Created for visually Impaired


  • 5 Lac Visitors Sensitised
  • 36 Students Sensitised
  • 1000 Corporates Sensitised
  • 10,000 Jobs Pledges
  • 50 Dark workshops Across 65 locations in india
  • 65 Locations Hosted across india
  • 4000 PWD jobs Created
  • Rs 25 Crore Economy created via 4000 jobs