Chary, a native of Kurnool found a job at SS global, an IT services company. He loves his work & is very happy to have realized his dream to work for a BPO. ACE Take1 helped him find the right job in a short period of time.


Satyanarayana is 23 years of age and hails from Mysore. He was keen to settle down in a job, after hopping a couple of jobs. Faced with several hardships in finding the right job role, he landed at ACE Take1. Now he is happily working in Fanatics Corporation.


Narender Singh is 18 years old and lives with his mother who is a servant maid. Narender is looking for a job in the hospitality sector and ACE Take1 placed him at The Park Hotels Hyderabad. Narender is part of the laundry team and is extremely proud of the work he does at the park hotels.


Raj Kumar is a Hearing & Speech Impaired who after months of struggle to find a job landed on a dream job, thanks to ACE Take1. Raj Kumar is married for 4 years and today he goes back home proud and leads a life of dignity and self-respect. The most important aspect Raj kumar likes about his job at Wudplay is that he is not alone. ACE Take1 placed 4 more hearing & speech impaired people at Wudplay, a very sensible and inclusive furniture manufacturing origination. Raj Kumar earns Rs.11000 per month which has made him happy and worthy.

MD Pasha

Pasha is hearing impaired & hails from a family where all are working including his parents & siblings. He was keen to get into a job but could succeed till he was placed by ACE Take1 at the Park hotels. Pasha is very happy with his job in the housekeeping department of Park hotels & is very happy to have gained financial independence. Pasha's job is to keep the rooms clean & tidy after guests check out daily. He also needs to communicate with them in his own way, being a hearing & speech impaired person, which has helped the hotel make their guests sensitive to inclusion at work. In the days to come, I would like to grow here and become a supervisor in my department says Pasha.


Swapna is a hearing-impaired person who found a happy job in the data entry department of RR Global Services. Her efforts to secure a good job did not yield any success till she landed up at ACE Take1. Today swapna and her family are very happy about the fact that ACE Take1 found her a job which is also close to her home.