Mr Ashok Gupta

Managing Director Rockwell Industries.

My Journey with Dialogue in the Dark started with my visit to their Taste of Darkness Restaurant with my family. At the beginning we were a little uneasy to enter the dark area, but we were made comfortable by a voice that came from our guide Razzak, he guided us and made us sit at the designated table. He spoke to us for a while and then had the food served and guided us how to find things and enjoy our meal. It was a great 45-minute experience, after finishing our food when we got out of the restaurant into the light, we were surprised to realize that the person who was guiding, engaging and entertaining us in the dark restaurant was blind. It was a very emotional moment at the same time an eye opener for all of us

Post my visit to Dialogue in the Dark, I was very keen to hire Persons with Disabilities at Rockwell Industries, to begin with ACE team conducted a job role & disability fitment analysis to identify the job roles PwDs could be hired based on the disability type and they supported us in identifying and onboarding the right candidate. Till date we have hired over 50 PwDs across various job roles.

Mr Manish Agarwal

Managing Director Ratnadeep Super Market.

We always wanted to try something innovative at the same time give a meaning to our business by contributing to the society. We were approached by ACE Take1 team to hire PwDs. We hired our first PwD employees through ACE Take1 and it has been a delightful process. We were very impressed with the candidates hired, they did a good job and were very quick at learning and doing their duties. Wishing Take1 Team a great future ahead.

Mr Sree Suresh

Talent Acquisition Prasads Corporation.

At Prasad Corporation, it’s been a corporate culture to engage and empower the PwD’s, from the beginning. We have hired over 60 + PwDs at Prasad EFX which is part of the Prasad Group, through the ACE Take1 project. We look forward to working with them closely in the future and wish them all the luck in their future endeavour.

Mr Kiran

Quality Manager SAP India, Bangalore.

SAP believes and emphasizes on leveraging the unique talents of the disabled people and providing them meaningful employment. Based on the experience and feedback we got from our Diversity & Inclusion Head Sheenam Ohrie who visited Dialogue in the Dark, we looked for an opportunity to hire a Visually Impaired Person, and so connected with the ACE Take1 Team, and through their project called Take 1 we hired Jyothi Roshan a visually impaired person on a 1-year internship. Jyothi has been with us for a few months now and we are very happy with her contribution. This has been a great experience for us here at SAP Labs India.”